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Frequently Asked Questions

At which age shall the Dummies be given to the baby? Are these useful devices or can we do well without? Are they harmful for children? Myths about Dummies are real?

The use of a Dummies by babies has advantages and disadvantages and makes some attentions mandatory.

It is necessary to take some care so that its use can be considered safe and without danger and for minimizing potential problems.

How to buy

You must already be in our on-line shop (www.chupetascomletras.com) as you are reading this text.

In our Home Page, depending on the product(s) you want, you shall click on “Our Dummies” or in “Accessories” You will find many models, with several colours, sizes and different types of tips in the case of dummies.

Each Dummy model is shown by colours and by sets of 2 or 3 dummies (always the same dummies, in colour, size, tip or engraving)

When you click in a model, you will be directed to its specific page. To see how to proceed with personalization, see “How to personalise the chosen Dummies

When the Customer is satisfied with the choice, clicking in “Add to shopping cart” will allow the finalisation of the order.

How to personalise the chosen Dummies?

In our Home Page, depending on the product(s) you want, you shall click on “Our Dummies” or in “Accessories”

You will find many models, with several colours, sizes and different types of tips in the case of dummies. Each Dummy model is shown by colours and by sets of 2 or 3 dummies (always the same dummies, in colour, size, tip or engraving)

When you click in a model, you will be directed to its specific page. In the existing images you will be able to see the different types of tip; in the drop-down menus existing in that page you will also be able to choose the size and type of the tip you may want, depending on the existing in stock (Menu Type)

You will see 4 menus more, two of which are mandatory to be filled in*. *Font – we offer a choice of 6 different Fonts so that personalization can be better. *Text – in this menu line you can write the text you want engraved in your chosen dummies; there is a limit of 30 characters, including spaces, as, with more characters texts can become too small and illegible. As you are writing your text you will see a simulation appearing in the image of the dummy (See more about this below)

The non-mandatory drop-down menus represent other engraving options: Pre-defined texts – correspond to a long list of texts we offer as engraving options or as suggestions for inspiration.

Pre-defined images – correspond to images we have in our database which can be engraved in the chosen dummies. The existing images can be seen as miniatures.

As some of these menus are being filled, one can see, in the dummy image, a simulation of the personalization pretended with the chosen Font or with the predefined image clicked.

ATTENTION!! – THE IMAGE SHOWN IS NOT THE IMAGE OF THE FINAL PRODUCT. It is nothing more than a simulation of what the final product may look. We will proceed with the necessary adjustments to have lines, text, and more, correctly aligned. Besides, bear in mind that the real colours of the products (dummies) vary with the computer screen you are using.

If you choose the options of engraving photos or images and texts, some particularities will apply and these will be shown as you proceed with the order. These options, because of technical reasons, are not available to every model.

When the client is satisfied with the choices, clicking in “Add to Shopping cart” will direct you to finalization of your order. See “How to pay

How to pay?

After choosing all the products you want, you will see, in the right side of your screen, a box saying “My cart” where all your shopping is summarised. In there click “Checkout”.

You will be directed to another page where you can decide if you want to proceed as “Guest” or as “Registered Customer” (if you have registered previously, you can introduce your data and password and continue. If you have any problems see “Registered Customer” or “Guest”)

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As we mention in “Terms and Conditions” this information is not and will not, ever, be given to any other companies. You can also include your fiscal number in “Fiscal Identification Number” (only valid for European countries) You have also to inform if the goods are to be delivered in the address you gave or in another one.

Click “Continue”. If you want delivery in another address you must give it here.

Click “Continue” and a page will open where you can choose the way the package will be shipped.

Next page gives payment option:

PayPal – a safe, international system, allowing payments through credit cards. The customer will be redirected to PayPal’s own site to finalise payment. After receiving payment confirmation from the financial entities, we conclude validation of the order, produce and ship it.

“Registered Customer” or “Guest”:

Sites (in our case on-line shop) start by being optimised to work with one or several Internet browsers being also dependent on the system under which they were structured.

In our case, we have realised that versions of Internet Explorer, less updated cause, sometimes, situations of less successful functioning.

When our customers feel that they are facing such difficulties, some of which refer to non-recognising passwords or not accepting some of the usual steps, we can only suggest them two alternatives:

Using another browser like Google Chrome

Redo the whole process, not as “Registered Customer” but as “Guest” In general these alternatives solve most problems.


A Dummies can bring some problems in what concerns the development of the maxillae and teeth. According to specialists in dental medicine, overusing a Dummies can relax the muscles of the lips, giving extra burden to the muscles of the cheeks. This situation can oblige the dental arches to develop in an abnormal position, outwards. This is not, obviously, what happens in all children. Many use a Dummies for several years and never show any suggestion of this problem.

Ideally, for this situation not to become irreversible or difficult to correct, is for the child to abandon the Dummies before the appearance of definitive dentition, around three years of age.

In truth, there are no “orthodontic” Dummies. The so called “anatomical” Dummies only try to adapt its shape to the anatomy of the mouth and dental arches of the baby, in order to minimize eventual deformations.

Many specialists say that, sucking the thumb causes bigger deformation of the dental arch and roof of the mouth than the use of Dummies.

They can deform the roof of the mouth, project forwards superior teeth, pull backwards inferior teeth or open a space between incisive. All of these can explain alterations or delays in speech. But these can also – more frequently even – be caused by sucking the thumb or other objects.

This is the reason for the appearance of the “anatomical” Dummies and for making Dummies specialists still studying ways to decrease the incidence of the problems.


A Dummies can, in fact, be responsible for an acute otitis.

But, in truth, bacteriologic studies done with Dummies, directed to the main germens causing otitis are, in general, negative. Nevertheless Dummies can provoke changes in pressure between middle ear and the naso-pharingeal junction area and, because of this, cause some medial otitis.

These reasons are cause for some care and Dummies use shall be limited in children who have otitis frequently.


Ultrasonography during the final phase of pregnancy show, many times, that already in that phase babies are sucking their thumb. Obviously such a precocious habitude will have continuity. Also, the tendency babies have to put in their mouth anything, including fingers and toes, is nothing else but a way to know their surrounding world.

This instinctive reflex is also a way babies have on managing their own stress. Although the majority sucks thumb or Dummies in some occasions, some of them don’t do it.

Amongst the sucking ones, some prefer the thumb, other the Dummies.

Sucking does not mean that there is intranquillity. Many babies who do the sucking are calm ones, without stress but they like to do it because, being a repetitive and rhythmic activity, it is relaxing.

Dummies stimulate the suction reflex and become a complement of the act of breast feeding, having substituted the thumb. They act as a stimulus for affection and the baby feels safer and quiet.

Nevertheless, a Dummies is not a substitute for the attention a baby shall have. Although it can help to calm down the baby in moments of tension, nothing is better than due attention to put away stress or in occasions the child needs consolation.

It cannot be the answer grown ups may have to any occasion the baby cries; it is necessary to find out the reason for this crying and to act accordingly, be it because of hunger, feeling dirty, having some colic or simply wishing for some love.

In truth some babies – few – not even feel this suction need which makes them suck the thumb or the Dummies.

But, this suction wish, which is natural and physiologic and which is related to the “survival/feeding” need, calms down the baby many times, when satisfied; if there is no Dummies, the baby sucks what is more handy and the thumb will be used. During the phase of abandoning this practice it will be more complicated and will take longer to reach success if the baby sucks the thumb instead of a Dummies.

It will be the baby choosing the preferred type of Dummies, either by shape or by material (rubber or silicone). Nevertheless, silicone can bring some problems when teeth start appearing.

Sometimes, even very young children have this feeling of suction and their own thumb is too small. In these cases, even for parents who are not defenders of Dummies, to give the baby one is appropriated.

Despite contrary opinions, to suck the thumb is worse than to suck a Dummies. The habitude is more difficult to control and to stop, and that continuous use with a finger “which is always there”, can cause deformations in the mouth’s roof and teeth.

The Dummies is an element which can help the baby to be calm and to diminish tensions but shall not be used to “plug baby’s mouth” on a regular basis; this means that one shall not put a Dummies in baby’s mouth every time they manifest themselves! Babies have a need to express and it is necessary to understand this before putting the Dummies as a “lock” or as a “plug”




There are many models existing in the market, some with the “anatomical” shape and it will always be possible to find a model which will be baby’s preferred one.

It is easier for the child to abandon than the thumb.

Advantages of the Dummies if used as “sleep’s helper”

Dummies can reduce globally the incidence of “children’s sudden death’s syndrome” by 25 to 30% because: The holding bar of the Dummies places bed clothing away from the baby’s nose letting air pass through. Suction movements reinforce oro-pharingeal muscles, place the tongue slightly in front and keep breathing airways open. It is a great comfort for a baby who is trying to go to sleep.


It can be dangerous it is tied to the bed or with any inappropriate string or chain. It is easily damaged. As it falls frequently to the soil, it can be a means of transmission of bacteria. It can be easily lost. It can compromise the soft beginning of breast feeding by putting the baby in some “suction confusion”, mainly if it is regularly used before stabilizing this breast feeding (up to 4 weeks of age) The reason for this is that, to breast feed, babies have to open their mouth much more than to suck the Dummies and, on another hand, smelling latex or silicone may “confound” the baby in what relates to their mother’s smell. If they do not open the mouth as they should, they will extract small quantities of milk and may stay hungry.

Used for very long or continued periods can cause deformation in the teeth and in the mouth’s roof.



Permanent existence. Does not get lost neither falls.


Besides – as the Dummies – being a possible cause for deformation of the teeth and roof of the mouth, if being a long time habit, it can also deform the thumb. It is a habitude much more difficult to abandon.


Some parents prefer to place two Dummies in baby’s bed during the night so that it will be easier for the baby to find one, “sparing” the constant moving of one of the parents to give it back.

Is it difficult to abandon the Dummies? It can be said the contrary, that it can be very simple. If the parents decide that abandoning the Dummies is something to be done, for instance, when the baby is two, many times the surprise will be in seeing how easy it is; if the child is a little older and is speaking already, one can have a “serious conversation” on the subject. If, for example, the family is waiting for the arrival of a new baby, the child can very well accept to give the Dummies as a gift to the new-comer.

In the occasions when this process is more difficult, it is necessary to leave the initiative to the child, avoiding any pressure. Positive stimulus is totally indicated in these situations.

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