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The New Concept

“CHUPETAS COM LETRAS ®” presents a fascinating concept!

You are a mother to be or you are already a mother you already know how precious and unique your baby is. You take any measure and care to protect your baby.

“CHUPETAS COM LETRAS ®” is made to help protecting your baby from germs, bacteria, other contaminants which are constantly in the environment surrounding us. Babies are much more exposed to these, as much of it can come in contact with their mouth.

By using “CHUPETAS COM LETRAS ®” dummies you can diminish this risk to your baby; making it unique and personal the baby will have less cross contaminations.

Personalisation is done by engraving each dummy with a special high tech laser printer which gives a permanent and non toxic marking. With “CHUPETAS COM LETRAS ®” you will be presented with many choices to design your own “CHUPETAS COM LETRAS ®” dummy.

You will find that “CHUPETAS COM LETRAS ®” is presenting a wide range of different types of dummies made from high quality material, non-toxic and phthalate free meeting the “EUROPEAN STANDARD BS EN-1400” standard.

You can choose colours, different models and shapes, symmetrical, round, anatomical, and much more. The soft part of the dummy is made of latex or silicone and is totally prepared for sustaining repeated sterilization.

Be your own designer and create a safe, hygienic, smart “one of a kind” “CHUPETAS COM LETRAS ®” dummy, just for your baby. Get inspired and use all of your imagination to “build” to your baby a “one of a kind” dummy!

“CHUPETAS COM LETRAS ®” will also provide you with ideas and designs as you go along.

Dummies from “CHUPETAS COM LETRAS ®” are ideal gifts for all babies, to be given by parents, grandparents, godparents, family and friends.

But can also be used for jokes or special occasions.

Dummies from “CHUPETAS COM LETRAS ®” are only available through our on-line shop and will be sent directly, by post, to the address you send us.

Have fun! Visit our shop, browse and enjoy

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