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General Recommendations

Besides accomplishing with all legal and safety rules of the products, parents shall proceed to a revision of those, before giving it for the children to use, in order to be absolutely sure that there are no defects or changes in the product which may change security conditions.

As well, dummies shall always be washed and disinfected or sterilised before first use. Despite manipulation and packing being carefully done, dummies are not disinfected when delivered.

A dummy also needs, sometimes, to be disinfected, during its useful life. Every time it falls to the ground, it shall be washed in running water and, for a complete hygienic guarantee, when it is not being used, shall be kept in the dummy carrier, if it exists.

If there is no running water available, some parents do the “cleaning” of the dummy placing it in their own mouth before returning it to the baby; in these situations this is acceptable.

Dummies shall be periodically checked in respect to its general condition. Deterioration of the materials – latex or silicone – shall be a reason for immediate substitution of the dummy; pulling the pieces of the dummy (the rubber or silicone tip and the plastic ring) these shall keep well united.

In order to prevent any problems it is recommended for dummies to be changed every 2 to 4 months, anticipating normal deterioration.

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