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About Chupetas com Letras ®

Chupetas com Letras Founder

Lusosaúde is a Portuguese/Danish company working in the Healthcare area, ranging from Hospital Healthcare to Health publications, Surgery, Education and Healthcare Videos and Informatics.

Founded in 1993 in Portugal, Lusosaúde was inspired by an excellent Scandinavian concept and we are happy to present “CHUPETAS COM LETRAS ®” “CHUPETAS COM LETRAS ®” has headquarters in Cascais.

“CHUPETAS COM LETRAS ®” presents a concept which individualizes each baby’s dummy. The baby and the family can really “say” that “this is My Dummy”!! This concept allows avoidance of dummies confusions in places where there are more than one child with a dummy and, even more, where there are many dummies, like in schools and kinder gardens, parks, playgrounds and the likes.

“CHUPETAS COM LETRAS ®” allows the individualisation or personalisation of the Dummy with baby’s names, phrases the parents or the family think is applicable to the situation or drawings, pictures or even photos. All of this allows for the dummies of “CHUPETAS COM LETRAS ®” to let you say: this is My Dummy!!

Dummies from “CHUPETAS COM LETRAS ®”, by allowing an easy and fast recognisance of each dummy, avoid problems of eventual cross contamination which can happen with a constant crossing of dummies.

“CHUPETAS COM LETRAS ®” uses the highest quality and security materials in order to guarantee the absence of problems of any kind.

Engraving is done, in almost every case, at our premises, in a personalized way, under the best conditions for the dummies to keep permanently the name, phrase, photo, drawing or picture desired. In all circumstances this engraving production is controlled.

As the engraved Dummies “help find their owner”, not letting to be lost, there is also a good economical side in the concept.

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