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Dummies can have the tip in latex or silicone. Latex is more flexible and soft, but silicone can be indicated if the baby is allergic or sensitive to latex. In the end the choice of the dummy is done according with baby’s preference.

Dummy models with a ring or holder have some advantages and the disk shall have a minimal width (about 4,5 cm.) to guarantee safety.

As well, the existence of holes for ventilation is convenient, so that the baby can breathe if the dummy is, by accident, stuck at the baby’s mouth.

There are also dummies with the support disk concave or convex, depending on the way the baby sucks, so that there are fewer chances of saliva to accumulate and to damage the skin

Silicone dummies shall be avoided when the baby starts having teeth; biting the dummy can increase risks if some small pieces get loose as these could be swallowed and give some trouble to the baby.

Many babies only like one type of dummy and it will be them, in the end, to do the choice of type; in these cases you shall buy several similar ones to substitute if the situation arises.

The ideal dummy shall:

  1. cause the smallest opening of the mouth
  2. cause the least possible pressure in the roof of the mouth
  3. act on the roof of the mouth with a contact surface as close as possible to the physiologic surface of the tongue

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